The 12th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Molecular Science

From Organizers

The 13th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Molecular Science will be held from Sept. 17 (Tue) thru 20 (Fri), 2019, at Nagoya University (Chikusa-ku, Nagoya). The meeting revisits Nagoya after a decade since the 3rd Annual Meeting in 2009. The Annual Meeting is the most important research meeting organized by the Japan Society for Molecular Science. More than 1,000 participants, including scientists and students, get together in every meeting from all over the country to present and discuss their research activities. The subject ranges over diverse topics of physical chemistry aiming at cultivating materials science based on molecular-level understanding. The meeting also facilitates close communication between sponsor companies and scientists.

The meeting venue is located just a few minutes walk from the Nagaya Daigaku subway station. The banquet will be held in Sakae, which is the largest downtown in Nagoya. The unique culture and cuisine in Nagoya attract many visitors, so we wish you will enjoy your stay in Nagoya. On the last day (Sept. 20), we plan to hold a joint session with the Annual Meeting of Japan Coordination Chemistry, which starts from Sept. 21 in Nagoya University.

We welcome all of you to enjoy the meeting as well as the city.

Akiyoshi HISHIKAWA, Chairperson
Research Center for Materials Science, Nagoya University