The 14th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Molecular Science

● President's message

The Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Molecular Science is the most important activity of our society, where researchers, educators and intellectuals over 1,600 who engage in various scientific fields involving molecules gather together. Every year the local organizing committee at each meeting venue has taken up the active challenge of organizing a stimulating meeting. This year, the Annual Meeting will be held in Osaka by the local committee contributed from Osaka University, Osaka City University, Osaka Prefecture University. In recent years, more than 1,000 individuals, consisting of both society members and non-members, participate the annual meeting to present the latest research results and to have active discussion. At the exhibition booth area, participants can access to information about the latest related technology provided by the sponsors and other companies. A large number of young researchers and students who work on molecular science participate this meeting, and therefore this meeting also provides an important forum for fostering young researchers and developing human resources.

Molecular science is a discipline that pursues deep understanding of the structure, property and reactivity of molecules. From molecules floating amid the stars in the universe to those integral for life on earth, molecular science unravels every possible phenomenon involving molecules, and contributes even to creation of new molecules, materials and systems. It is a key discipline that crosses boundaries between various academic fields of natural science, and our everyday life has deep roots in it. We would like to welcome you to join us at the 2020 meeting in Osaka, where you will get firsthand knowledge of the forefront of molecular science.

February 2020
President of the Japan Society for Molecular Science
Tahei Tahara